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Social events

Ranch Regetovka offers the possibility of organizing private or corporate social events. If you are interested, contact us immediately and we will send you an offer letter in which you can compile a menu according to your requirements.
If you do not find your favorite food on the menu, we will be happy to add it to you.

The restaurant provides commodities such as alcohol, wine, soft drinks, savory items and fruit, in addition to desserts and cakes.
We also provide meals in the form of buffet tables.
We will be happy to prepare the space for you according to the type of event in the basic or festive decoration.

Unfortunately, the Regetovka Ranch does not provide lighting, sound and music. We can also provide other services such as outdoor bar, grill with service, fruit table and more.

The whole ranch

If you are looking for a combination of maximum privacy and comfort, we offer for rent the entire restaurant-accommodation complex Ranch Regetovka, including a restaurant and 9 rooms with a total accommodation capacity of 31 beds (including extra beds). This option is used mainly at weddings or corporate events.


Winter Garden

In every season and for all your occasions, we have at our disposal our Winter Garden, which provides a unique view of the surrounding nature. With a capacity of 60 people, it is a popular place for social events for a larger number of people. In case of favorable weather, it is possible to order …



The lounge area provides enough comfort for 45 people. As the only room at the Regetovka Ranch, it provides maximum privacy even at full operation. It is thus a suitable space for organizing a social event in which you wish to be undisturbed.


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