White Codex – rules for skiers

  1. Respect for others – everyone on the slopes is obliged to behave so as not to endanger or did not harm health or life, or cause harm to himself or another dangerous style driving, unsuitable ski material, poorly stored material, reduced ability to react and estimation (fatigue, illness, alcohol, drugs, etc.).
  2. Speed ​​and driving style control – the skier must adapt the speed and riding style to his own abilities, terrain, number of skiers on the piste, but also weather conditions.
  3. Track / direction selection – the skier coming from above is responsible for all who ski below it, he must choose his direction of travel so as not to endanger the skier in front of him. A skier who rides behind another skier, he must take care of enough distance to leave the skier in front free space for direction and way of driving. This presupposes keeping distance and anticipating intentions skier riding in front or below.
  4. Overtaking – you can overtake from the right and from the left with a sufficient distance so that the overtaking skier was not endangered and had enough space for direction and way of riding.
  5. Entry to the track, departure on the track – anyone who enters the piste or wants to stop to continue riding again, he is obliged to look around, to give preference to skiers coming from above and not endanger the skiers below. The unexpected departure of a skier standing on the spot is difficult anticipate and may cause an unnecessary collision with an incoming skier.
  6. Stopping and standing – on the piste must not stop unreasonably and stand on narrowed and confusing parts of the slopes. It is especially dangerous to stop or stay behind after a fall terrain wave. A skier who has fallen in such a place must leave him as soon as possible.
  7. Ascent and descent – a person ascending or descending a ski slope must use the edge slopes.
  8. Adherence to track markings – the skier’s obligation to respect the markings and crossing warnings ski slopes, dangerous places, speeding, mountain service signs and police.
  9. Assistance in accidents – every user of the slope is obliged to an injured skier on the track provide first aid within its capabilities and capabilities, including anti-shock measures, mark the accident site above the accident (eg with crossed ski poles) and report the accident the mountain service or another authorized person, call for professional assistance as soon as possible.
  10. Identity card – each of the participants in the accident (witness, injured party, culprit) must legitimize. If the accident is caused by alcohol, a criminal sanction follows as in traffic accident. Alcohol insurance companies do not consider alcoholic accidents to be an insured event.